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Poème: La petite fille

Je vous présente mon premier poème que j’avais écrit le « lundi 02 juin 2015″ et qui a été inspiré de ce que nous voyons chaque jour dans ce monde hostile.

Assis sur une chaise ancienne
Contemplant un paysage devant moi:
Une petite fille qu’on condamne
Qui jouait paisiblement autrefois

La fenêtre en verre m’empêche
De réagir face à cet horrible
Injustice. La baie me dit: »Chiche ! »
Point d’espoir, et d’ire je deviens fol

Ô belle fille! Ô petite fée!
L’innocence ne quitte guère ton
Regard. N’aie pas peur de ces détraqués!

Mais, qu’ils sachent que tu seras bientôt
Un ange au paradis qui juge
Les malfaiteurs, les fossoyeurs manchots


L’hypocrisie: Le pire des défauts!

Je vivais innocemment durant plusieurs années après ma naissance dans ce monde. Je ne savais pas ce que ce monde est jusqu’à ce que j’atteignisse un certain âge.

C’était à cet âge que…

C’était à cet âge que j’avais commencé à concevoir ce monde.
C’était à cet âge que j’avais commencé à distinguer le sourire émotionnel du sourire démoniaque.
Au début, j’avais bien voulu faire semblant de ne pas faire cette distinction, considérant que tout sourire est signe d’amitié, mais je n’avais pas pu résister.
C’était à cet âge encore que j’avais expérimenté la coexistence avec des hypocrites dans un même endroit. C’était insupportable.

L’hypocrisie est le pire caractère que je connais jusqu’au moment. C’est, d’ailleurs, à cause de l’existence de ce caractère que j’ai décidé de ne jamais partager ce que je pense et ressens avec quiconque (à part ce qui est présent sur mon Blog) et de me méfier des apparences.
L’hypocrite se cache là quelque part et il sera certainement un jour démasqué.

C’était à cet âge que j’avais reconnu la stupidité de l’affirmation (« La personne a besoin d’autrui »), c’était à cet âge que l’importance de l’individualité me vînt à l’esprit, j’en avais déduit ainsi que la société n’est rien qu’une colonisation de l’individu. Nous n’avons guère besoin des sociétés ou d’un regroupement quelconque, mais nous avons besoin des principes universels, qui nous permettront de raisonner en tant qu’humains, qui nous permettront de vivre en paix.



Friendship .. or mutual interest ..


Since our first interactions with others, we have been developping the desire to find a similar being as a company in exploring the outside world, a partner who we felt in him the necessary elements to complete us coherently and undemandingly. It is believed that nature takes credit for it, and friendship is the core of human coexistence.
Still, we share the air with a bunch of hypocrites, ungrateful creatures who feed on the kindness, the ethical characteristics, anything we recognize as a value.
So, a kind of persons emerged from the falling parts of this land to exploit the others and use them.


The answers usually come as:
– Everything is temporary, success is forever.
– Why would I care?
– Let the others get hurt instead of yourself..

It is a shame how we defiled our ethical identity and manipulated the virtue for narcissistic reasons, meaningless ends.
To seal off, Khalil Gibran had said

` Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity `

And in order not to be too kind, we need to understand that an enemy was a friend once.


La mort ..

Un jour, personne n’existera sur cette terre. Un jour, le bien et le mal ne vivront plus ensemble. Un jour, les guerres prendront fin, sans vainqueurs et sans perdants. Un jour, nous saurons la vérité, la vérité de notre existence. Un jour, nous aurons les bouches pleines de terre, les corps pourris et les plus solides de nos os disparaîtront. Ce jour-là, nous saurons que nous ne sommes un rien dans l’univers. Ni la science, ni la technologie ne nous aidera. Ni le ciel, ni la mer ne seront bleus. Ni le soleil, ni les étoiles ne seront loin.



Taking Drugs: Causes and Effects

Taking drugs is one of the phenomena that our society suffers from a lot. It has many causes and its consequences are directly harming young people. So, what should we do to deal with this dangerous situation?

Young people take drugs for several causes:

– Some of them fall back to drugs due to their depression. They think that taking that bad substance will make them forget about their problems. In that case, drugs may be considered as soothing substances.

– Some young people are influenced by bad company friends and sometimes by famous stars who take drugs.

– Others take them out of curiosity and become addicted.

Drugs are dangerous. They can cause psychological problems and health troubles.

– Firstly, they may engender serious diseases such as lung and throat cancer, AIDS, and so on and so forth.

– Secondly, they may cause depression and suicide.

– Last but not least, addicted students could drop out of school and commit serious crimes.

To fight against drug dealing, strict laws must be passed.

– Policemen have to discover drug traffickers in front of schools to protect young people unaware of the danger of taking drugs.

– Moreover, we must raise students awareness at schools and using media.

– We also have to make an example of some peddlers bosses.

In a nutshell, taking drugs is too dangerous that many young people may be destroyed by. So we have to apply every possible solution to prevent those lives from losing and to protect humans from disappearing.


Empowering women: How could we do that?

Many years ago, the woman was considered as a subject of pleasure, as a creature without rights, and as a slave in many old societies. In other words, women have been oppressed for myriad decades. Now, after a long resistance, women have got their natural rights. Still, rights aren’t everything, we need to empower them.

There are many ways to empower women. Education is the best one. Education enlightens their lives, helps them to distinguish good from bad, and gives them a certain value in society. They could share their ideas clearly, understand scientific phenomena and what happens in the world around them and give their political opinions. By educating women, we can avoid many kinds of deviation and protect myriad spirits from loss.

The second way that we can use to empower women is throuth NGOs and NPOs. NGOs should encourage illiterate women to go to literacy classes. Not only women would be beneficiary but their children, society as well, and even humanity. NGOs should also help ambitious and poor women by giving them microcredits to set up their own businesses. Furthermore, they have to sensitize them and raise their awareness about different matters.

In addition to that, government could play a main role in the empowering operation. It must guarantee their rights, such as security, education, dignity. The government must also help by building schools in the countryside, in villages, and then produce strict laws that make from education compulsory for boys and girls until 18 years old, and that prohibit the wedding of young girls.

To sum up, we must admit that women play an important role in society. As they say, when we educate a boy, we educate a man, and when we educate a girl, we educate a generation. So empowering women will certainly accelerate the developpement of countries.